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WHAT Happens at 2 a.m.?

Its 2 in the night and here I am awake like an owl doing nothing; though for the matter I am writing this. If this doesn’t work, I plan to switch back to straining my eyes or another 40 minutes of Vampire Diaries. Its holidays, so I don’t have anything to study either (not that I study during terms; but what I wrote still makes a statement).

I’ve noticed this for quite some time now; whatever time it maybe be you’ll always find dogs barking here and there especially if it is night time. Wonder if it is the awakening of the ‘Dog World’ when the ‘Humans’ go to sleep.

I remember one night I was returning from a picnic late at night. It was 2 am and frankly I was scared; not of the thieves or goons but the dogs of my lane. They are known to be a menace. As I started walking into my lane, I couldn’t help myself but to locate the canines so that I could avoid them. They eased my efforts though as there they were lying around everywhere on the road with me then having to make my way through th…