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Opera Neon hits the Refresh button on browser behavior

When a geek gets a notification on his Google home screen from the Technology section about his long lost browser friend launching a refreshingly new version of itself, it calls for an immediate test run and a blog post.

As the video and the website suggested, the installation was pretty smooth and Neon instantly copied my current background image into the browser to instantly set it the browser background.
While most browsers have a small icon on the tabs to notify the tabs that output music, Neon has opted to have a separate tab to have all the pages that could possibly output video. I say that because while I had a website streaming audio on that tab, Facebook made an almost entry to the tab too.
Neon does not support importing your bookmarks and settings from Chrome yet, but it supports Firefox and you can always import Chrome settings into Firefox first and then pull them into Neon.
The floating icons for speed dial is just an intuitive way of showing the most used pages and good use…
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List of all TV Shows that Premiere this Fall (2013)

This post goes for all those TV Series fans who don't miss a single episode of their favorite shows. For fans here in India, it does become a little difficult to keep track of all the shows, their premiere dates and schedule.

Well the dates are out for this fall. And here goes the extensive list of TV Shows premiering this September and October.

Android users, to keep a track of all your TV Shows, I prefer to use a very plain simple but efficient app TV Shows Fav (No, I am not the developer). I have been using it for quite some time now; so suggested for you guys. There are many others too btw; I prefer this one. Check it out.



Adventures of Lonavla Part III

Links to Earlier Parts:
Part I :
Part II :

                                                             PART III

                I opened my eyes. A sharp ray of light struck right into my eye. I covered my eyes and looked to my left; there was pitch darkness. I was confused of the day it was; place I was in. I tried to get up and could sense a lot of pain in my back. I fell back and fell unconscious again.
                A wet feeling on my face got me disturbed. I slightly tried opening my eyes to find out a dog standing on my face. I was taken back and got up instantly. Looked around to find out nothing but dust and stones all around me. I was lying on a large piece of flat rock which was as I said then ‘Placed there for me by God.’ I checked my right hand for it had something smooth in it tickling my palm. It was that…

People still use Windows XP..!!

I am pretty sure that my life is going to be in danger after a few of my friends read this post.

So I get a call from a friend. Lets call her Diana.
Diana: Hey, do you have Windows XP cd? Looks like I lost it. Me: Why do you want a Windows XP! Decorating something? Diana: Very funny! I need to format my desktop. Me: Why XP? Diana: I like XP. Me: Seriously? I don't even remember using XP. Diana: Then what should I install if not XP? Me: Please don't tell me you haven't heard of Windows 7. Diana: I have; I have it on my laptop. I needed to format my desktop; hence XP. Me: Sorry for repeating my question; but Why XP? Your desktop can't bear 7? Diana: No nothing like that. Its a dual core, 2 gb RAM. It is just that I like using XP. It has that old feel to it, like when I started using computers for the first time; it was XP. So I want to keep it as it is. Me: And what about your family; your parents and your younger sister?
Diana: They'll deal with it.
Me: Bitch Pleas…

Adventures of Lonavla - Part II

Links to Earlier Parts:
Part I :

                                                              PART II

    We entered the bus with our luggage; it was a 2x2 seater bus. We approached our seats and found out two of us were to sit together while the third had to sit on the adjacent row besides what seemed like a pretty face behind 'Life of Pi'.

    We all started hurrying up to get that prized seat. Aditya was in the front and I was right behind him. I somehow managed to find a way towards the seat. I kept my hand on the seat and was about to sit when Aditya pushed me and sat himself. 
    I shouted, "Hey!", loud enough for the whole bus to listen. 'Life of Pi' went down and what emerged was actually a guy with long hair. Aditya's jaw fell while me and Daksh started laughing uncontrollably; everyone else gave us a disgusting look, quite understandably.
   The rest of the journey …

Adventures of Lonavla - Part I


    This story dates to the month of June of 2012 while I was travelling to Lonavla with a couple of my friends. Interesting events, interesting company, interesting food made the whole journey a lot more interesting.

    Me, Daksh and Aditya planned this trip some time back and we choose to set out for Lonavla on the 18th, a Monday. Usually people travel on weekends but we had a completely different theory; Everyone visits hill stations during weekends making everything from food and hotels and roaming around a bit more costlier than usual. Setting out with this philosophy the three of us with a few thousand rupees left out for this journey. None of us had a vehicle so we had to use the public transport to get there.

    Daksh was a guy particular with cleanliness and addicted to giving his boring lectures to people who did not follow his 'Principles of Cleanliness' as he would call it. Given his cleanliness…

Twitter is Awesome..!!

"How can people stay online for so long..!! That too on Twitter...!!!"

A friend stated this while we sat around in the garden discussing the reunion plans.

I replied "Twitter is awesome"
              He said "Yeah right awesome. How? By posting that your puppy is sick or by just replying to someone who posted that."
              I thought to myself that he was right to some extent but was he totally right. I decided to give it a thought. Went back into flashback and started thinking.

              I joined Twitter long back when it was new. Although when i created my Twitter account I never knew that one day I would be so addicted to it. When I made that account, I first tweeted with great enthusiasm, "Woohoo..!! I am on Twitter."

              I did the usual following of friends by importing contacts from my mail accounts and other social networking sites and the next I knew I visited the site after a good 9 months. No, i wasn't busy do…