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Twitter is Awesome..!!

"How can people stay online for so long..!! That too on Twitter...!!!"

A friend stated this while we sat around in the garden discussing the reunion plans.

I replied "Twitter is awesome"

              He said "Yeah right awesome. How? By posting that your puppy is sick or by just replying to someone who posted that."

              I thought to myself that he was right to some extent but was he totally right. I decided to give it a thought. Went back into flashback and started thinking.

              I joined Twitter long back when it was new. Although when i created my Twitter account I never knew that one day I would be so addicted to it. When I made that account, I first tweeted with great enthusiasm, "Woohoo..!! I am on Twitter."

              I did the usual following of friends by importing contacts from my mail accounts and other social networking sites and the next I knew I visited the site after a good 9 months. No, i wasn't busy doing anything interesting in those '9 months'.

              All I know right now is Twitter works just fine and right for me. There was a time when I liked Facebook more, but now I believe nothing can beat Twitter. (Psst.. Dint mention Orkut for a

              Facebook is more about friends, what they do, where they go and whom they are with. Stuff that rarely excites me. Orkut on the other hand was more like an introductory course you usually have before starting a full fledged subject.

              There were other social networking sites; not that I don't have an account on those, but I haven't accessed them ever after I created the account. But i spent an awful amount of time on Facebook. And then came a good day when I thought that I should just open my Twitter profile and make some tweets and explore it a little more.

            Its that day till today that I am so addicted to Twitter. It was the day I truly realized the power of Twitter. What also helped the cause was that many of my friends had joined Twitter and when I logged in, I had a pretty good amount of mentions with one friend particularly encouraging me to stay active there. Well I read that message roughly 6 months late but never the less, I liked that gesture.

            I followed a few of my favorite News Feeds including daily happening from my local city to the World; from Bollywood to high tech Hollywood; from Food to Tech and from Celebs to Celebrities. The next thing I knew was there was a flood of tweets on my timeline and I was actually enjoying reading those.

           Next I found trends on Twitter and I thought it was a really good way of getting news of any event, any personality in news or 'trend' for the matter.

           I clicked on a couple of trends and read the tweets and some were so good; hillarious, satirical; some lame too. But getting views from people about a topic from over the world was somehow an idea that amazed me.

           But after a while I realized I had  made a mess of everything by following anyone and everyone; though I liked their tweets but the figure of my followings was astounding. But there were Lists to help me out. I sorted my following in Lists and I had everything sorted out.

           I decided to jump in. I started tweeting about exciting things I did, new quotes I made, about events happening around and over the world. Initially I din't get response from others as expected but over time, I started getting replies and retweets and gradually there were some of my tweets that were liked and appreciated.

          Nothing can encourage you more. Ever since, I've been tweeting and staying updated with everything.  Most major websites, companies, celebrities, industrialists tweet about their opinions and views and at times it can be more enriching than anything else.

         If you are reading this, and you are on Twitter, you know exactly what I am talking about. But if you are not, like some of my friends, I would strongly recommend that you join in.

        And about that friend I mentioned above, today he is far more addicted to the site than I am. So I thought I should share this with everyone out there.

         Join in and follow me. My Twitter handle: abhishek_s_n

        For there is nothing better than the feeling of being heard and knowing "WHATS HAPPENING?".


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