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Twitter is Awesome..!!

"How can people stay online for so long..!! That too on Twitter...!!!"

A friend stated this while we sat around in the garden discussing the reunion plans.

I replied "Twitter is awesome"
              He said "Yeah right awesome. How? By posting that your puppy is sick or by just replying to someone who posted that."
              I thought to myself that he was right to some extent but was he totally right. I decided to give it a thought. Went back into flashback and started thinking.

              I joined Twitter long back when it was new. Although when i created my Twitter account I never knew that one day I would be so addicted to it. When I made that account, I first tweeted with great enthusiasm, "Woohoo..!! I am on Twitter."

              I did the usual following of friends by importing contacts from my mail accounts and other social networking sites and the next I knew I visited the site after a good 9 months. No, i wasn't busy do…