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People still use Windows XP..!!

I am pretty sure that my life is going to be in danger after a few of my friends read this post.

So I get a call from a friend. Lets call her Diana.

Diana: Hey, do you have Windows XP cd? Looks like I lost it.
Me: Why do you want a Windows XP! Decorating something?
Diana: Very funny! I need to format my desktop.
Me: Why XP?
Diana: I like XP.
Me: Seriously? I don't even remember using XP.
Diana: Then what should I install if not XP?
Me: Please don't tell me you haven't heard of Windows 7.
Diana: I have; I have it on my laptop. I needed to format my desktop; hence XP.
Me: Sorry for repeating my question; but Why XP? Your desktop can't bear 7?
Diana: No nothing like that. Its a dual core, 2 gb RAM. It is just that I like using XP. It has that old feel to it, like when I started using computers for the first time; it was XP. So I want to keep it as it is.
Me: And what about your family; your parents and your younger sister?
Diana: They'll deal with it.
Me: Bitch Please..!!

A friend (this time a guy) calls me over because his wireless router stops working. Lets call him Rajesh.
I ask him to start his PC as I needed to check the router settings which requires using the browser.
His PC boots up with the XP sound and that XP logo.

Me: What the hell is XP still doing on your PC? What happened to Windows 7 I got you installed last month?
Rajesh: Yes, but I just couldn't figure how to use it. I'm just so used to using Windows XP.
Me: And who installed XP for you?
Rajesh: Myself. I had seen you install it twice; I could repeat those steps.
Me: I don't understand. You can go through the pain of installing XP but you somehow can't use 7..!

I walk into a reputed Consultancy for my further studies. I am asked to fill a form and take a chair. From the place I sit; I can see their staff working on their desktops. And guess what all of them had XP installed in them.

My college had so many labs. At a time when the release of Windows 8 is just around the corner; I feel asking your students to use an operating system so old should be declared a crime if not anything else. Somehow we did manage to convince our faculty to install Windows 7 on some computers; but that came with a trial period of 30 days after which we had to deal with the "This copy of Windows is not genuine" message every time we had to use the computers.

What I don't understand is why to people take so long to embrace changes. If something is better; go for it. There is not point sticking to something just because you have a stupid emotional attachment to it.

Or sticking to something old because you can't take out some time learning something new; which is also something better. Most of the times it is because people are just plain used to something; however gross it may seem to nerds, oops geeks like me.


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