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                 10 … 9 …. 8 … 7 …. 6…. Faaaaive…… fooooorrrrrr… thareeeeee… tuuuuuuu…. Woneeeeeeee…. Woooohooooo…. Happy New Year….!!!!!!

                This was the noise heard throughout the world on the night of 31st of December 2010 as the year of 2010 bid a good bye to all of us and presented to us a hopeful year of 2011.

                The year of 2010 has presented each one of us with varied emotions, varied dreams and has created a new chapter in each life.

                Some has had good, bad, bitter, sweet experiences and each one has learnt their lessons for having a better tomorrow.

                The night of 31st was all delight all over the world. There were parties, fun and excitement all around. Here in the city of Mumbai, there was a bit of fear along with the fun and excitement and it was because of the terror threat that Mumbai and other major cities of India had received. But to everyone’s gladness that didn’t let people hamper their plans and people welcomed the New Year with all hospitality.

                The year of 2010 has a significant feature that the year’s calendar is ditto the same to as that of 2005. And this has induced a lot of jokes too. But as a matter of fact, we take each day, each month and each year more specifically as a new ray of hope towards achieving happiness and reaching new heights of life.

                People book yachts, halls, boats, join clubs and do all the plans by which they can welcome the New Year in the best possible way. Friends gather to have fun, Families have get-togethers and it’s a moment of all happiness. People forget their worries, all their regrets, resolve differences and look forward for a better tomorrow.

                Well there is a bad side to each thing. As they say, every coin has two sides. There are many irresponsible elements in the society who indulge in anti-social activities (better not named). Due to such people; it is the police, the doctors who have to work overtime and dedicate their time to work instead of celebrating. It is heard that police were on full duty this year in the last week especially on the 31st to ensure the safety from external threats as well as to protect the innocent citizens from internal threats. Hospitals kept around 20 beds empty with an assumption that they would be getting that number of patients due to accidents on the 31st. And unfortunately their expectations didn’t go wrong. Like every year, this year too there were mishappenings that spoilt the mood of celebration of the New Year for some people. Some lost their fun due to their own mistakes while some other misfortunate ones due to other’s irresponsible behavior.

                People should therefore see to it that they celebrate and have fun but that fun should not harm others or spoil someone’s day. But hardly do people think when they have money and drinks on their mind.

                Anyways let me get back to some good stuff after narrating the grieving stuff. As the New Year approaches, children take blessings of elders. There is hugging and kissing all around. In this age of telecom and Internet bloom, people call, sms and mail each other to such an extent that the networks get jammed up. But such is the happiness of people that they keep calling their beloved ones till they get to talk to them to exchange greetings and love.

On the new day of the New Year, people get all dressed up and attend gatherings and spread love. It is a day of holiday and people enjoy it in a way they prefer. Some active people celebrate by partying while some others sit home, relax and spend quality time with their families.

People start visiting astrologers to know how their New Year would be on financial, career and love fronts respectively. People take up resolutions to follow the following year (though many give them up within a month). Walls get new calendars; everyone puts aside their old diaries and gets their brand new diaries to use. All in all everyone is jubilant that they have a new year to look forward to.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to all my Readers. May you all have a great year ahead. May all your dreams, aspirations and wishes come true this year. Have fun and spread love.

                             ****** HAPPY NEW YEAR *********


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